The Threat of Love - Loving You 我愛你

Category: Hong Kong Drama 2000
Genre(s): Drama
Status: Ep10 END / 10 (eps)
Network: TVB
Country: Hong Kong Language: Cantonese Subtitle: Chinese
Cast: Sheren Teng, Lawrence Ng, Nancy Sit, Ben Wong

“Ma Ma, I Love You” tells the story of a mother who sacrifices everything for her children. “The Sky is Red” tells the deep, intriguing love story of a prostitute. “My Partner” – What would you do when you discover both of your sons are gay? “Unbridled Passion” – How would you choose between a loyal husband and a romantic lover? “Breaking Through The Age Boundary” – Age does not matter if you are truly in love. “Midnight Lover” – One night stand between a traditional woman and a charming pilot. Will the moonlight kisses turn into a lifetime love story? “Unstable Zone” – Television host of a sex program is tempted by a passionate girl. Would he commit adultery? “The Lottery” – Will money bring power to the suppressed husbands? “My Brother” - a story of an unconditional friendship. “Women” – Will artificial beauty pinch the hearts of their lovers?

千禧年將至,為了隆重其事,《Loving You我愛你》亦以一個「金裝十集」形式來迎接此世紀盛事來臨。本劇以一個嶄新形式和觀眾見面,全劇共有十集,而每集均為一單元故事,務求以一個新面貌、新形式和觀眾見面。 本劇圍繞現代人的情、愛和兩性關係為主,當中有男女之情、父母之愛、忘年感情、同性的愛等等,以各個不同的故事透徹剖析現代人的感情關係。本劇更配以強勁的卡士,包括薜家燕、吳啟華、鄧萃雯、張同祖、黃智賢、劉家聰、任港秀等,各人在每一個單元故事中飾演不同角色,並且配以不同的造型,以千變萬化的形像配合嚴謹的製作,真實有趣地展現每個故事,將這個形式嶄新,意念獨特的新劇種介紹給觀眾,以求和觀眾同步邁進千禧年,迎接新世紀來臨。

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